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Advice on cleaning the bathroom

This is the good advice.

Let’s start with bathroom preparation:

  • Get rid of everything that impedes your progress such as used towels, rugs, trashcan, soap dish, makeup, and loose items that will get in your way.

  • Now if you have a long-handled duster use it to remove dust from vents, light fixtures, countertops, and corners.

  • Vacuum or sweep the floors to get rid of hair, dust, and misc. debris.

  • At this point spray some all-purpose cleaner on the shower walls, shower track (if you have one), and shower door. Let it soak while you’re busy with other necessities.

  • Prepare some cleaning solution for the floors. (Warm slightly soapy water mixed with the all-purpose cleaner).

  • Use your all-purpose cleaner and a sponge and wipe down shelves, windowsills, doors, blinds, etc.

  • Now come back to the shower. Using the sponge lightly scrub the surfaces you left soaking. Make sure you wipe dry the chrome fixtures. Use a soft moist cloth to wipe cabinet faces.

  • On to the Uggghh toilet. Use the all-purpose cleaning agent or a powdered cleanser for any build up. After cleaning with a toilet brush clean the outside of the toilet with a clean cloth and the liquid cleaner.

  • Lastly, clean the floor using the solution prepared earlier. Let dry.

Whala….bright and fresh. That’ll be $2.

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