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Found this in my garage….

Wonder if this could be Jimmy H….

Have you cleaned the garage lately? I know, I know…. cleaning the garage is the pits, but if you do, you’re likely to find treasures you forgot you had. (Not like above…I hope)

Seems like almost everyone uses the garage for storage and parks the car outside. However, if you would like to park inside again and calm the neighbor’s fear of you starting a storage facility here are a few tips.

If your garage looks like most it will likely take the whole day, so set a day aside. Make sure you have on hand a broom, garbage bags, gloves, boxes, and containers for the throw outs. Some say and I agree a dry-wet vacuum would really be handy. Decide beforehand what you absolutely need in the garage. Purchase shelving if needed, pegboard, toolboxes, hooks for rakes and ladder.

Move everything into the driveway separating things you absolutely need from things you are going to donate and/or throw away. Call a local charity to see if they pick up usable items, and the rest put in boxes or bags to be disposed of.

Now before you stack, push, and shove things back, clean the floor. Brush down the walls and cabinets, vacuum and sweep all the debris you left behind. When putting things back do so neatly. If not it will look like the same old garage tomorrow.

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Have fun.