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I’ll clean your rain gutters…..


You’ve probably heard that before, but remember you get what you pay for. Before you call a professional here’s a few tips on completing this nasty job yourself.

First of all wear proper clothing (an old shirt and rubber gloves). Make sure you have a stabilized extendable ladder with ladder horns to protect the gutters. Using a gutter scoop or a kids sand shovel start scooping the goop. Dump the junk in a trash can as you go or lay down plastic around the ladder to empty the debris in.

After clearing the muck flush the gutters and downspouts with your garden hose. While doing so be sure to check for any leaks. You should do this ucckee job regularly. Let me mention that left to its own designs water overflow can become quite costly to both your foundation and siding. For protection you might consider gutter covers at around $6 or $7 dollars a running foot. However the total on an average house could cost more than the gutters themselves.

So if you feel you want the best protection at reasonable prices call a professional like CWM toll free 800-643-5850 or visit our website at