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Spring Cleaning….

Makes me a little crazy.

You know the feeling? Me too. So here’s a couple more tips:

Something we seldom get around to cleaning is our glass shower doors. Before we start here’s something to keep in mind. Squeegee that glass door after each shower. You now won’t have to clean the doors as often.

Ok now that we have that out of the way let’s start by nixing half distilled vinegar and half dish detergent. Apply the mixture with a soft sponge and rub lightly. Use an old toothbrush with the same solution to clean the metal frame.

After cleaning use a little lemon oil going over the glass to prevent or slow buildup. I have heard said that applying a rain repellent from your local auto parts store will cause water to bead up and roll off. Hmmm. I guess it’s worth a try.

Have you tried cleaning floor vents? If so try this. Put them in the dishwasher on the water only cycle. Wipe them dry and replace. This also works like a charm on your range filter. If not the results you want try soaking them in hot hot water. Something else you can soak is your range burners. Simply put the burners in a plastic bag with a quarter cup of ammonia and let sit overnight. In the morning wipe clean with a sponge. For professional help call toll free 800-643-5850 or visit our website at

Ok, relax. The hard part is over... so get your mouth off the shower door.