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Suggestion for Cleaning household drains….

Let someone else do it!

Yeah, I understand. The thought of cleaning those nasty drains is an icky job. However here are a few tips to make that messy job easier. For shower drains go by your local hardware store and pick up one of those things that looks like a pipe cleaner. Hair will come out easy. Yuck. In the kitchen try baking soda, boiling water, and vinegar. This often works well on mild clogs. Pour the baking soda in first followed by a cup of vinegar. Fizz, fizz…what a wiz. Cover the drain while the fizzy action goes on below. After a nice cup of coffee…. boil a pot of water and pour down the drain. For grease blockage try boiling a couple cups of water and salt. Pour this down the drain and let sit for ten or fifteen minutes then flush with boiling water. Now if all these fail you can use that old standby toilet plunger. Cover any overflow outlets, partially fill the sink, place the submerged bell, and plunge. Clogs are gone.

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