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Sorry, but I was up till two in the morning thinking about chocolate. No, not eating (burp) anymore but how to get the stain off my white belly.

You ever try to eat a chocolate covered ice cream bar without the chocolate falling on your shirt, blouse, or in my case belly? Well here’s a suggestion. If the stain is fresh scrape any chunks from the fabric and treat with a prewash stain remover and launder. If the stain is stubborn use a type of bleach that is safe for the particular fabric. If the chocolate falls beyond your chest and onto upholstery mix a little liquid dishwashing soap with a cup of water. Use a clean cloth sponge the area with the solution. Now blot the stain until it disappears, and use cool clean water to blot again and let dry. You can use this method on nearly any fabric. For other cleaning ideas on how to clean almost anything call Clean World Maintenance toll-free 800-643-5850 or visit our website at