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It can’t be……

Yes it can. That sponge is dangerous.

Yeah, hard to believe I know but the sponge in your kitchen sink is probably the dirtiest thing in your kitchen! Using it to clean a cutting board that you used to cut raw meat or poultry can spread things like E. coli and bacteria such as salmonella. But you say…”I use soap or detergent with my sponge”…Or…” I use soap and really hot water.” Unfortunately the water would have to be nearly one hundred forty degrees and both methods won’t necessarily kill dangerous bacteria. Every time you use the same sponge on countertop, plates, cutting boards etc. you are spreading bacteria. A recent study has shown that your kitchen sponge may be two hundred thousand times as dirty as a toilet seat. So keep in mind using that same sponge to clean plates, sinks, tables etc. is putting dangerous bacteria right back on the things you assume are clean.

Don’t despair. Here is something to put your mind at ease. You can microwave that sponge for a minute and put it in the dishwasher thus removing nearly all the icky stuff. Or you can use about five tablespoons of baking soda (not baking powder) in a quart of warm water to both deodorize and clean that monster. To learn how to clean almost anything visit Clean World Maintenance at or call toll free at 800-643-5850