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I love to barbeque….

But I hate to clean the dang grill.

Know the feeling? Pull out the patio furniture, set up the umbrella for shade, and grab that old blackened barbeque. Open the top and eeeekkkkk!! It’s disgusting. Last summer’s greasy mess.

What to do? Here are a few tips:

Often the worst part of the grill is the bottom where all of last year’s drippings found a home. So start by putting on a pair of gloves, remove the grill, put it on some newspaper spray it with cleaner, cover it and let it simmer over night. The next day hose off the grill preferably not on your lawn. Keep in mind that burnt on residue can be carcinogenic so don’t let it hang around on any clothing you want to wear again. If you have lava rocks remove them, remove the burner, and scrape away any gunk around the burner tubes. You might consider cleaning those tubes with a pipe cleaner or something similar to open any clogs in the elements. If you have a small venting hole for drainage of excess grease be sure to clean that. When cleaning the outside of the grill use a soap and brush and rinse thoroughly. While putting the barbeque back together brush on some cooking oil and turn the barbeque on high for about 20 minutes. Before cooking put a dab of the same oil on the grill to avoid sticking. For additional tips on cleaning almost anything call Clean World Maintenance toll free 800-643-5850 or visit our website at