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Got a shower/bathtub combo to clean?

Then you better be prepared.

I have a shower/bathtub combo. I do a pretty good job keeping the tile walls clean and dry but too often I forget about the rarely used bathtub. So if you’re like me here are a few tips for cleaning the tub.

The one exception to cleaning the tub is if it is fiberglass or perhaps an acrylic material do not use an abrasive cleaner. Instead, use a sponge with a stronger cleaner such as lemon juice and a small amount of borax. However, for the common bathtub use the following method.

Get rid of the little yellow duck and assorted shampoos etc. Give the tub a good rinse to rid it of soap deposits, hair, and the like. Now sprinkle baking soda on the wet surface and using a scrub brush or rough sponge scrub the entire tub. Come on I mean use a little elbow grease. When you have done your best use one of those sponges that have a green scrub thing attached to it. Put on some gloves, dip the sponge into it, and scrub again hitting the buildup areas. Rinse the tub using a small bucket of warm water and once more check around the drain and faucet for anything you missed. Another product I found is Comet. It has abrasive qualities. Remember you can and probably should use a little vinegar mix in all these cleaning methods. Now reward yourself with a margarita and enjoy the view of a practically new looking bathtub. If you need additional suggestions call Clean World Maintenance toll free 800-643-5850 or visit our website at