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You mean I can do this?

Yes you can. You can clean things you rarely think of….and do it easily.

How about a lampshade? You ever give this much thought? It’s simple, use a lint roller. Works like a charm.

Do you have a roll back window to expose the window screen? Most of us do. To clean this nasty little gutter between the glass and the screen sprinkle baking soda in the gutter add a little vinegar, let it set for a few moments, then using a soft cloth or old toothbrush give it a scrub and rinse with warm water. Good job.

Have you seen those ads dealing with underarm stains on your clothing? Do this, Soak the stains in white vinegar, and wash as usual. Easy Breezy.

Here’s an easy way to clean those white sneakers. Simply make a paste of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and water. Rub the paste over those dirty shoes and they will look like new. .

Do you have some of those cute little bathtub toys for the kiddy’s? Don’t forget to clean them regularly with vinegar. They can harbor mold and gunk.

Clean your drip coffee maker. Make a solution of vinegar and water; fill the water chamber half full with the solution. Run the brew cycle for half a cycle. Turn off the coffee maker and let sit for at least an hour. Now finish the brewing cycle, duup the solution and run another cycle with fresh water. Do this a few times and allow the coffee maker to cool. Wash the filter and carafe in hot soapy water and brew a nice cup of coffee.If you need additional suggestions call Clean World Maintenance toll free 800-643-5850 or visit our website at