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Here’s some baking soda tips…….

From Grandma

Heck I use baking soda for all kinds of cleaning. Here’s a few examples.

Store bought veggies and fruit simply mix baking soda and water and clean away that waxy coating. For kitchen use you simply mix water with baking soda and clean stainless steel, sinks, countertops, cooking utensils, and nearly everything else in the kitchen. Greasy dishes, pots and pans…mix a little baking soda into your dish soap. Soak items in hot water then use a scrub sponge and stuck-on grease is gone. Before you get rid of a smelly sponge use baking soda and water to freshen. Speaking of smelly…to freshen your dog’s bed sprinkle baking soda and after waiting 15 minutes vacuum it up for a fresh smell. Clean the kid’s toys by wiping them with a soft sponge dipped in water and baking soda, when in doubt remember you can clean nearly any household item with baking soda. You’re welcome.

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