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I can’t take it anymore.

I’ve spilled my coffee for the last time.

I know the feeling so before you do something drastic... here are some simple solutions.

(1.) If you spilled your coffee on that new white evening dress try this before you get home. Using club soda pour some on your napkin and blot until you at least lighten the stain. When you get home beat an egg yolk and using a hand towel work it into the stain. Then rinse with water. That should do the trick.

(2.) Did you spill it on your new tablecloth? Moisten a towel with white vinegar pat the spot and then place the tablecloth in the wash. Or you might want to soak the tablecloth overnight in three parts vinegar to one part cold water. Then place in the wash.

(3.) Here’s a neat trick. Try pouring a liberal amount of beer (of your choice) on the blemished cloth. Rub it into the stain… repeat the process as needed and be surprised.

(4.) For coffee on your carpet try a baby wipe. It will absorb the coffee and the stain. You can use this method on many other surfaces.

(5.) If you have stubborn stains on cups or your coffee pot try using salt on a sponge and rubbing the spot. If you need something a little stronger mix a little white vinegar with salt and rub with a sponge.

Speaking of uses for vinegar try 1/2 cup of white vinegar in the wash cycle to prevent lint from messing with your clothing. It will also make things look much brighter.

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