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A Bath?

Might as well hang me.

Oh, it’s not that bad and she’ll love how she smells.

Come on princess; let us show you how simple it is. We’ll start by using about two to three inches of lukewarm water in the bathtub. Wet her entire body (Move quickly so she does not shake the water off giving you a shower.) Using dog shampoo or if you prefer baby shampoo lather her whole body. To keep the process comfortable use a drop of baby shampoo on a washcloth and warm water to wash her face, then use another wet washcloth to rinse the soap away. Now fill a pan of warm water to rinse her whole body making sure you remove all the soap. Residue from the soap can harm sensitive skin and weigh down her hair. Now it’s time to dry her. so have a few towels ready. One for her and two for you because by this time you may need them especially if she shakes the remaining water off. If the weather is warm you can let her air dry. If not use a hair dryer starting with the low setting and increasing to medium so as to not startle the girl into bolting from the room. Now let her go bounding around the house glad to have the bath over with and to enjoy the feeling of being clean again. For additional tips on cleaning almost anything call Clean World Maintenance toll free 800-643-5850 or visit our website at