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Dirty stove?

Errr…I don’t mean like that.

If you use a gas range I don’t need to tell you how crusty they can become. Drop a few morsels between the grates and soon you will have petrified pellets of old food….hard to remove. Now I don’t mean that gas stoves are not good because they are probably the best, however if you have ever cooked on one you know what I mean about the food particles that can fall among the burners. So here’s how to take care of that. Remove the grill, pour an ample amount of baking soda over the yucky stuff, wet a few dishtowels with hot water, ring them out, and place on top of the burnt food. Let them rest there for twenty minutes. When you return scrub the surface with dish soap and warm water and enjoy a sparkling stovetop. By the way you can use baking soda on ceramic stove tops as well. Make a paste from warm water and baking soda gently spread over stovetop and wipe with a soft clean cloth. Works every time.

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