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Cleaned your house plants lately?

Winter months are a good time to consider it.

Amazing the amount of dust and grime plants can accumulate. That includes real or silk. If you have the energy to get out of that recliner you can start with live plants.

A brief visit to the shower will often be a good place to start with some house plants, however if they are too large or complex they can benefit from a wipe down using a soft cotton or microfiber cloth to wipe down each leaf. Something else that works is using the brush attachment on your vacuum. Keep it on the lowest speed and use it on broad-leaf plants.

Silk plants can be taken outside where using your hair dryer on low cool you can blow off the major dust.

Some folks have good results with silk plants by placing them in a bag along with a dusting of baking soda and giving them a good shaking. When finished use your hair dryer again on the cool setting and blow off the residue. If need be, use a soft cloth to finish the job. The baking soda will pick up most of the dust and grime and when finished with this method your plants will look like new again.

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