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Why is it…..

My doctor wants to shake hands when I visit.

I am always suspicious that he does not wash his hands when going from patient room to patient room. He might but it makes me nervous especially during flu season. So after a visit with him, I always wash my hands. However, it was not until recently that I learned how to wash my hands properly. So I’m passing the methods along.

First of all, do not neglect to get a flu shot. That done let’s talk about washing our hands. Remember handshakes, door knobs, and potentially germ-laden items can introduce you to the flu and colds. So after washing your hands remember do not touch anywhere on your face.

Now when washing your hands you can use cold or hot water it does not matter. However, hot water can give you a physiological feeling of doing the best job. And if your hands are really dirty warm water and soap will do a better job of trapping the dirt in the soap and giving your hands a thorough cleaning.

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds rubbing them briskly together. Include the backs of your hands and between your fingers and remember using soap that lathers well is essential in trapping germs so they can be rinsed away. If you prefer using a hand sanitizer use one with preferably an alcohol concentration of 95 percent and be sure to wipe your hands before it dries.

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