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Clean that?

You’re Kidding.

Nope not kidding….these things need cleaning too.

As an example, how often do you clean the knobs on your stove? Those knobs hold onto bacteria and need occasional cleaning. So do this….pull them off, dunk them in warm water and soap dry them and replace at least once a week. Simple. Here’s something else often neglected. Throw pillows. You probably have them on your bed or couch and simply turn them over on occasion, however, they are likely the home of food, dead skin, dust, dirt and much more. Depending of the fabric you may toss them in the wash or you may need to vacuum the dander and spot clean the stains. Using baking soda on a damp sponge will freshen clean and eliminate odors. Want a little chuckle to start your cleaning day…. Put a little smile on your face by reading all our humorous blogs. Simply click on the headings at the bottom of the opening page of our website. They are titled Cleaning Tips or Clean Almost Anything.

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