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Don’t criticize until….

You’ve walked a mile in my shoes.

It’s true I wrote about how important it is to keep your kitchen sponges clean. Remember I said to toss it into the dishwasher or while keeping the sponge moist to put it in the microwave for two minutes. Either way, it would sanitize the sponge and zing the bacteria away. So somebody reminded me that I neglected to mention the kitchen dishtowel or dishcloth if you prefer. It is also a gathering place for bacteria as I have been advised. Ok, all well and good but I was busy that day mixing a martini. So to clear the air on these two items here’s some tips for the dishtowel/dishcloth. First, keep in mind that they both are rallying points for unwanted bacteria. (Bacteria will grow on practically anything warm and moist.) To keep the family safe simply toss it in the washing machine with your whites so you can run the cycle with hot water and bleach. If you don’t like that idea simply wash the dishtowels and hang them outside to let the sun’s heat dry them and keep you safe. Satisfied?

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