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Here’s a couple tricks…..

That won’t break your back.

This is a neat idea for cleaning a hard to clean flower vase. You know the ones with a small opening and narrow base. Using small pebbles, marbles, or aquarium gravel add a handful along with one third water and give the vase a little shake. Cleans and looks like your family maid did the job.

Got little hand smudges on a painted wall? Try this….using a piece of white bread cut off the crust and form a ball with the rest. Wipe the spot with a soft cloth and follow that with the soft absorbent bread. Wow smudges are gone and you saved money.

Here’s another trick. Want to return the shine to your kitchen faucet? Clean it as normal then cut a cucumber into slices and rub it on the faucet. The shine returns. Handy little gadget….who would think a cucumber….keep one for other cleaning uses as well.

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