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I did it again…..

Got lipstick on my hubby’s shirt

But not to worry...

What hubby doesn't know is that I've learned a new trick for removing lipstick stains from clothing. So girls since this is the time of year when we like to experiment with different color lipsticks I'm going to share a simple way to remove those stains from clothing.

This tip will apply to garments, carpet, (hubby's white shirt, etc.)

Simply act as quickly as possible and using hairspray spray a small amount on the stain. Now let it stand for about ten minutes. (Do not expose to heat such as a dryer. It will set the stain.) After ten minutes dab the spot with a sponge and toss the item in the wash. Or try this...remove the crust from a piece of white bread and roll it into a ball and use it to blot the stain. Launder as usual and it’s like band new.

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