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...but a good idea?

Unfortunately, this is not a good path to cleanliness. A host of organisms find a home in your dog’s mouth. Things such as bacteria, parasites, and viruses are often things humans do not have much immunity to. This transfer called zoonotic can result in the spread of things such as Salmonella and e.coli.

You are probably aware that Shep, as most dogs do, sticks his nose and face into many icky places that are not clean. In addition to exploring with his nose, he cleans himself, eats and drinks strange and doggy exotic things. When he licks your face his saliva can get into your nose, mouth or eyes where an already weak immune system will have difficulty fighting. A healthy immune system can probably fight these dangers off so if you still want to smooch Fido consider keeping him up to date with vaccinations and d-worming. Keep his mouth as healthy as possible, monitor the children, and don't allow dog kisses from dogs you don't know.

Clean World Maintenance would like all of our friends and customers to have a happy, healthy and clean life. Stay safe.

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