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Unfortunately, we see this all too often. At Clean World Maintenance we are not just dispensing around the home cleaning tips, but we are on occasion such as this, talking about cleanliness that affects the lives of our friends and customers.

On our website, we have nearly fifty blogs on ‘how to clean almost anything’ however it takes more than our company to clean the world. To live in a clean and healthy world it takes a “Village”, as they say, so here are a couple of suggestions on how we can help.

First, let’s talk about things we can do at home such as Reduce the use of chemicals. We have often suggested ways to clean around the home using simple items such as white vinegar, baking soda, lemons, etc. For tips on how to make and use these simple products to clean a variety of items see our blog of September 2018.

Recycle waste products. Things such as plastics, glass. Paper or aluminum can be recycled. Many waste management companies now supply bins for such items. So instead of tossing them in the garbage... recycle.

Avoid pollution. Don’t let waste materials accumulate around your home. In many neighborhoods there are certain days that you can take these items and leave them at disposable units sponsored by the city. Some items can have a negative impact by seeping into water. Be careful, be safe.

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