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Have trouble removing grease stains from washable fabrics? Yeah, you know what I mean. Seems that we all at one time or another have dropped or spilled something like salad dressing on our shirt or blouse….dang!!

Grease is especially tough to remove from fabrics like polyester and synthetic fabrics. (Although we rarely see polyester nowadays.)

Well here’s a suggestion: If eating out immediately sprinkle a bit of artificial sweetener or a little salt on the spot and brush off after a few minutes. It will help keep the oil from settling into the fabric. When you get home use a small amount of grease-cutting dish soap over the stain. Rinse with warm water and let it dry. When you are ready to launder the item rub in liquid laundry detergent and wash in the hottest water available and safe for the fabric. Air-dry the item and check to make sure the stain is gone. If not repeat the process.

Ever wonder how to get rid of no longer used cleaning products? Of course, it depends on the cleaning product but if it is an aerosol can make sure it is empty, check to be sure it is not considered a hazardous waste, and discard it in the trash. Simple. If it is a liquid or powder that is used with water pour it slowly down the drain while running warm water and they will get processed just like regular use. Also simple.

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