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Here’ good idea for ……

Cleaning your hairbrush.

Combing your nice clean hair with an unclean icky hair brush is almost like not shampooing at all. With each stroke, you are dragging oils, odor and other gunk through your hair. It is important to always use a clean hairbrush.

Here’s what to do: Using a comb or the pointed of a comb run it through the hairbrush lifting the old hair. When clear of the old hair use a bowl of warm water and a gentle shampoo to swish the brush around in. Put a small amount of shampoo on a toothbrush and scrub the base and bristles until it is thoroughly clean. In a bowl of clean warm water swish, the brush around to remove the lather. (Do Not Soak the Brush.) With the bristles facing down allow the brush to dry. Neat huh?

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