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Here’s Something…..

To think about.

Nearly everyone will agree that classrooms are becoming overcrowded but here is something else to think about.

In a Canadian report on cleanliness at school, it has been stated that “schools can have up to four times as many occupants per square foot as offices and they contain a host of pollution sources.” Serious diseases are commonly spread among students due to the lack of cleanliness. Not only personal cleanliness but that of physical surroundings can affect the health and performance of students. One study of student health showed a three percent difference in math and English scores among those who attended frequently cleaned classrooms.

How do the classrooms where your child attends school compare? At Clean World Maintenance our business is to clean buildings, offices, homes and construction sites. However, we are keenly interested in the health and welfare of all our friends and customers. We, therefore, submit blogs such as this to help our viewers remain aware of the need for cleanliness in every aspect of our lives.

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