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Listen up.

We’re still talking about germs.

Prior to this we have discussed some of the areas of concern dealing with household germs. Here as are a few more areas of concern. Let’s start with the laundry. Do you ever let wet laundry remain in the wash machine? That’s a no-no. Even left a short time the laundry can cause germs to flourish. So, transfer wet things to the dryer immediately. If you let the wet ones sit for even thirty minutes you may want to run them thru a second cycle. You may also want to wipe down surfaces before folding those clean items.

Now look at office items and the living room. It has been said that carpet can hold up to eight times its weight in dirt. Dirtier than a city street. And what about those remote controls, computer keyboards, tablets and phones. In one study germs, yeast, and mold was found on over twenty of these items. Use a disincentive wipe to clean these surfaces. I will deal more areas to look at in the following blog.

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