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You wanna clean my toy?

Sorry Fido even your toy.

Yup, your best friend Fido can bring germs and bacteria into your home. Especially if the occasionally venture outside. One other thing, according to a study conducted by the NSF, pet bowls are ranked fourth as an item with the most germs in your home. Your pet’s toys also can carry staph, yeast and mold.

Wash pet bowls daily with warm soapy water, soak in bleach at least once a week and clean hard pet toys regularly with hot soapy and wash soft toys monthly.

Now to personal items. Note this, according to a survey by the NSF of over twenty homes, fecal contamination, yeast and mold were found to be on items such as keys, cell phones, lunch boxes, wallets, purses, shoes, gym bags and headphones. Whew. Most of these can be disinfected using wipes or find specific cleaners for electronics at local stores.

In conclusion always…. always wash your hands as often as possible. Try to do this for twenty to thirty seconds each time.

Good health to you from Clean World Maintenance.

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