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Flu Season……

Is here again.

So, let’s fight back!

Here’s a few weapons to start with. A good spray disinfectant, rubber gloves, paper towels, and disinfectant wipes.

Take a good look around and find the items that are used and touched most often by the sick member of your household.

As an example, how about your phones. I mean your landline as well as mobile or cell phones. Cold germs or viruses can survive on these from hours to days. The TV remote is one of the most handled items in the home. Give it a once over.

The bathroom is a prime target for germs. Faucets are nearly all infected. Someone sneezes or coughs into their hand and germs transfer to faucets. Separate towels should be given to the sick person. Germs can be shared by using the same towels. It is also a good idea to not use the same paper towels or cloth to wipe the sinks and other items in the bathroom.

Now check the computer keyboard and mouse. Clean these by spraying disinfectant on a paper towel or cotton cloth and clean between the keys.

Towels, sheets, and blankets should be washed in hot water using a color safe bleach detergent. Good idea to always wash your hands using warm water and soap after handling any suspect item.

There may be some items that simply cannot be washed or disinfected such as plush toys etc. in that case simply do not use them for a few days to let the germs die. Encourage the entire family to wash their hands often.

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