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There’s gotta be an….

Easier way to clean things

Yes, there is and here’s a few tips.

Here’s a neat way to use your household rubber gloves to clean pet hair fast and easy. Just use a damp pair of rubber gloves, rub over furniture fabric, and hair is gone.

Oven Racks?

Clean those crusty oven racks by placing the racks in the bathtub and wiping them liberally with white vinegar. Next cover them with baking soda and let sit for ten or fifteen minutes. After that rinse them with hot water letting them sit for another ten minutes before using a sponge to remove the grime. Like new!

Ice Maker?

Ever think about cleaning your ice maker? You should….and here’s how. Use an old toothbrush dipped in vinegar and scrub away. Vinegar can kill almost all mold and it’s chemical free. Rinse with a cup of water and you are good for another month.

Flower Vases?

Want a neat way to clean those flower vases? Simply add a hand full of uncooked white rice to those narrow openings, add warm water, hold your hand over the opening and shake...shake…. shake. Clean in minutes.

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