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Be diligent……

Danger lurks everywhere.

Yes, even on your kitchen cabinets. Look closely paying special attention to the areas around knobs and handles. Places that you or others touch a thousand times. They can harbor virus, germs, and bacteria. We are not suggesting you go paranoid but be safe. There are commercial products that do a great job of cleaning. However, in circumstances that exist today we must take drastic measures.

I suggest you do this. If you can find them you can use disinfectant wipes, if not you can make your own solution. First, don’t be fooled into thinking a wet sponge is all you need. That just provides a false sense of security. So, roll up your sleeves, put on a pair of rubber gloves, an old shirt or clothing, grab an old towel, and use ¾ cup bleach per one bucket of water. Apply this careful around handles and knobs. Now go over everything again with a plain wet cloth. Once this has been completed go over the cabinets with a dry cloth.

Next restore the shine with an approved polish and a dry rag.

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