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Is getting old.

We hear you. Do you find it hard to think about cleaning with all you have going on? You have the virus to contend with, bored kids, and a husband under your feet, meals to prepare, and the dangers of going shopping. Like they say…We’re in this together. You hope.

Here are a few suggestions. Ask all in the family to pitch in on a Super Cleaning Day! With that done make some assignments and gather all cleaning tools in a caddy. Clear the clutter. Pick up magazines, old sneakers, books, and odds and ends. Dust and Vacuum and have the kids concentrate on dusting undersides of shelves, tops of furniture, picture frames, etc. and if they can, have them change the sheets before you vacuum. (good time for them to learn this.) Wipe mirrors and glass with the help of hubby. Use a damp microfiber cloth then wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Now this is something Mom or Dad should do. Disinfect. Wipe down hard surfaces throughout the house. Don’t forget doorknobs, remotes, phones, appliances, and countertops. (You can think of many other things and wear gloves.)

You can make solutions at home. As an example, 5 tablespoons bleach in one gallon of water. For the shower one cup Epsom Salt, ½ cup baking soda, ¼ cup of dish washing liquid, and mix. Rub in circular motion with a sponge on glass shower doors and softly on tile. Clean toilets last. Rinse with warm water.

Cleaning house together can add some fun and give the home a sparkle in no time.

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