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New Neighbor?

Hate to tell you this but you need a bath.

With this crazy virus going around the sooner the better.

So how often should you give Fido a bath? Often if he is around people with Covid 19 and it depends on long or short hair, oily coats, repellent coats, etc. As a rule, once a month is good, but you also can use the smell method. If he smells bad….give him a bath.

However, bathing to often can strip your pooch of his natural oils causing him to be prone to frizzies, dry skin, and other irritations. Experiment with different shampoos.

When bathing you can soap and rinse with a hose outside if the weather is comfortable. If not, the bathtub will work for most dogs. Always use lukewarm water and brush your dog before bathing. If Fido will stand still for it use a cotton ball in his ears to prevent infections. Rinse him well and air dry. (blow dry if necessary but keep in mind this can cause itching dry skin.) Last of all always give a hug and a nice reward for being such a good dog.

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