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Here are a few reminders.

Start with a safety plan. Before resuming business make sure the building that may have sat idle is ready for occupancy. Check for hazards such as mold, rodents, or perhaps issues with a stagnant water system. Make sure the ventilation and air conditioning systems that have been shut down are safe. Increase outdoor air circulation, use fans, and open doors if possible.

Be aware that Legionnaires’ disease associated with faucets, drinking fountains, and cooling towers are safe to use. Remember employers are responsible for providing a safe environment.

Think about the six feet rule in meeting rooms, break rooms, waiting areas, etc. Especially in restaurants make social distancing not an option. If possible, physical barriers can be used to separate visitors or customers. Possibly using signs, tape marks, decals, or yellow tape to show six feet apart areas. Increase air filtration when possible. Check exhaust fans in restrooms to make sure the run at capacity when office or restaurant is occupied.

Clean World Maintenance has a great deal of experience in these matters and we want to ensure that all our friends and customers stay safe and healthy.

These are only a few elementary suggestions. There is much more to be said and we will address those in future blogs.

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