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That you touch your face at least 16 times an hour?

This blog is not about our usual suggestions on ‘How to Clean almost Anything’. It’s about our concern for our friends and customers. There is so much changing with the expanding virus that we thought it would be wise to offer things we have learned about protecting all of us.

Touching our face so often makes the risk of decontaminating our hands between washing extremely high. An itchy nose, wiping your mouth even with the back of your hand, and dry eyes, are just a couple of things we do almost unconsciously. One report stated that even medical professionals who should know better touch their face 23 times over two hours and sometimes ignore hand hygiene. If at work be aware of what others are doing. Playing with their hair, touching their face, and other such activities.


How to keep your hands away from your face:

Try to be mindful of what you are doing with your hands.

Use post-it notes on the fridge, on TV, and other visible objects.

Keep your hands busy. If watching TV try sorting the mail, fold clothes, or have something in your hands.

Someone suggested a scented hand sanitizer. The smell will get your attention and act as a reminder.

In a meeting or just relaxing lace your fingers together in your lap.

Wear gloves in public even at home.

Simple suggestions. Try them.

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