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I’m madder than h…

And I’m not gonna take it anymore!

We’re with you girl. It’s time to fight back.

Variants…smarants this is getting ridiculous. First, it’s use disinfectants on everything….then the CDC says soap and warm water are just as effective. Sometimes we don’t know where to turn. However, there is one thing that holds fast. We have to clean properly to protect ourselves and those we love. So, let’s go over something again.

When cleaning, let’s start in the kitchen instead of the bathrooms as the kitchen has probably become the most dangerous and is now the family restaurant. Wear disposable gloves while disinfecting. Cleaning surfaces with soap and water first is a necessary step. Coronaviruses are surrounded by a lipid membrane and are sensitive to soap. That’s just one reason we concern ourselves with certain surfaces such as cell phones, keys, etc. We know routines are boring but commit to clean areas that are more commonly touched and doing it often.

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