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I need Help….

Cleaning my house.

Can I hire professional help safely?

Yes but with conditions. As communities begin to reopen, many people are wondering when it will be safe to open their houses or businesses to professional cleaners. Research shows that the risk is greater for the cleaning professionals getting sick rather than you. However, ask yourself, can I do a better job of cleaning my home or office than an experienced trained professional?

With a professional company like Clean World Maintenance, you won't let fear and panic derail you from making the right decision. All our trained professionals are checked and equipped with all the necessary PPE to do the job right. But you can help.

If it is a home you need help with keep windows and doors open around the house. Wear personal protective equipment, such as gloves and masks, whenever the cleaner is inside your home make sure hand sanitizer is available. See that the children and pets are somewhere else when the cleaners are in the house. Minimize the risk and the job will be done better, faster, and you will have peace of mind during this worrying crisis.

Remember we are here for you our friends and customers. For more information on how to keep your workspace or home safe and protected call Clean World Maintenance toll-free 800-643-5850 or visit our website at and simply click on the headings at the bottom of the opening page of our website. They are titled Cleaning Tips or Clean Almost Anything.