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It aint over……

Till it’s over.

So here we go again. A list of reminders we still have variants and many who are not yet vaccinated. Once again, we will give suggestions on how to avoid infection even if you think you are protected.

Let’s start with what the CDC recommends. Cleaning the household with a cleaner that contains soap or detergent reduces the number of germs on surfaces and decreases the risk of infection. Many have not yet been vaccinated. Precautions still have to be observed. Reduce contamination on surfaces. Ask visitors to wear masks. Clean hands immediately after removing gloves if you are out and about. Wear gloves for all tasks. Yes even when visiting your local grocer. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when possible. Always follow the directions on the label of disinfection products. These are just a few suggestions. We will add more as recommendations become available.

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