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Just a few more tips.

Yeah, I know we’re sounding redundant.

But here are a few more helpful tips for cleaning and keeping employees and customers safe.

(That is if you can be open)

These are CDC recommendations and a few ideas from us. We know that if you own a small business you have felt the pain and strain. Keeping an establishment clean and safe is difficult when it seems things are changing daily. The CDC and others in the medical fields have provided some strategies to help. It is suggested that cleaning has three main components.

1. Have a plan. Decide what needs to be cleaned. Not every area requires the same attention. Spaces left untouched or unoccupied for seven days may only need routine cleaning. High touched surfaces should be disinfected regularly. Have in mind what equipment will be needed.

2. Consider what is specific to your workplace. Talk with employees about changes and ask for their input. Remind employees that they may be able to spread the virus even if symptoms are not apparent. Walk them through the areas and specifics of what to give close attention to

3. Think about conducting daily in-person health checks such as screening and health checks. Make them aware of the need for social distancing, the wearing of face masks, and proper ventilation. Stress the importance of handwashing and/or using a 60% alcohol hand sanitizer. Provide appropriate PPE to workers at no cost.

These are just a few suggestions to assist our friends and customers. We do not pretend to tell anyone how to run their business but only offer a smattering of advice for their benefit. We want all to stay safe and well.

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