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Let the good times roll.

We’re free again.

That is if you are completely vaccinated. Uhhh we hope.

We are in the cleaning business and have been asked about cleaning and sanitizing an N95 mask. Four methods were tested on the N95 which was designed for one-time use. Researchers found all four methods eliminated the detectable Covid-2 virus. Masks decontaminated with UV light and VHP (vaporized hydrogen peroxide) showed that the mask could be used up to three times. Those decontaminated with dry heat could be used two times before function declined. Masks decontaminated with ethanol spray did not function effectively. With each method proper fit was imperative. Our recommendation? Just get a new one or several and use them one time. Safety first. We all look forward to a time when we can truly say ‘Let the good (old) times roll’,

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