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We’re back….

Yup, looks like last year.

We hate going over and over the need to fight Covid, but new variants mean the battle is not won.

And the sad thing is that we still must clean, disinfect, and protect our family but we’ll fight till we beat it.

So, our blogs will repeat some suggestions for disinfecting and cleaning. However, we will try to touch on items that have not been covered as often as possible.

Let’s start with concerns about handling imported products. Currently, there have been no reported cases of the virus associated with imported goods or ordering food delivered. However, if you still worry wash your hands after handling a box or its contents that are shipped o0ver a period of days. Because of the survivability of the virus on surfaces over time, there is a low risk but remember washing your hands regularly is an effective way to reduce the chance of contacting COVID-19.

Now let’s talk about cleaning when someone in your household has been in contact with the virus. If you are using a separate bathroom or bedroom it is ok to clean the area around the exposed person only when needed. If the person feels up to it you can provide cleaning supplies for the individual to clean after themselves. When sharing a bathroom the exposed person can clean and disinfect after each use. If that is not possible wear a mask and gloves and wait as long as possible before cleaning. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth before you wash your hands.

For additional tips on cleaning almost anything call Clean World Maintenance toll-free 800-643-5850 or visit our website at and simply click on the headings at the bottom of the opening page of our website. They are titled Cleaning Tips or Clean Almost Anything.