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Will they ever....

Open the schools again?

What with cleaning the house, entertaining the kids, and having to give the dog a bath I am going crazy.

Mom’s don’t get paid enough. Period.

So look, Cleaning is our business. Sorry, we can’t help with the kids but we can help with cleaning. And here’s a couple of ideas about cleaning the dog. that may make your day go better.

First, brush your dog before bathing. let us suggest bathing Fido at least once a month or odors could become a problem. In cold weather, we use the bathtub. If possible use warm water. (Fido will appreciate that.). Use a mild shampoo and rinse him well. Air dry is best but blow-dried if necessary. Remember experiment with shampoo to prevent that good old boy from irritations and dry skin. Well, let’s hope they open the schools soon to lighten your load.

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