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Yeaaahh…I washed my hair….

I let it air dry….

While I cleaned the house, bathed the kids, washed the dog, scrubbed the shower, cleaned the bathtub, degreased the stove, did the laundry, and helped the kids with homeschooling. Oh, and did I mention my husband called and said we were having his boss for dinner? So, I had a glass of wine.

If you feel overwhelmed like I sometimes do call my friends at Clean World Maintenance who are always there to give me tips on the best and fastest way to get things done.

They take an interest in making sure my home is clean, disinfected, and my family safe. If you need help with cleaning needs call Clean World Maintenance toll-free 800-643-5850 or visit our website at and simply click on the headings at the bottom of the opening page of our website. They are titled Cleaning Tips or Clean Almost Anything.

Stay Safe.